Audit & Advisory

Audit advisory, the professional strategy, and mechanism in making the best analysis for business firms ensure the entity runs right with the financial deals. This is a systematic inspection and examination of the company accounts, vouchers, and the accounts truly and fair matter as required by the law.

Accutax team consults you in verifying and assuring arithmetical perfection and its quality of the accounts, with validating, verifying and the value in transactions, and we confirm and make assurance in the assets and liabilities accuracy as to the capital and revenue transactions to prove and state the financial statements are fair, accurate and true in the detailing

Accutax gives and showcase the best to meet the firm’s professional etiquettes with their mission, vision and aims in assisting throughout the successful run.

The following are some of the key advisory services that we can assist you in:

  • Corporate reports on Bank and accounts
  • Internal Control &evaluation
  • Corporate restructuring & governance compliance
  • Business & Organizational Development.
  • Liquidations, Mergers, acquisitions on the accounts and detailing

Accutax’s Professional Audit showcase the best benefits for a company as

  • Simplified Audit Advisories for SME sector
  • Loan and banking simplification
  • Company budget management in profit and loss
  • Find & Prevent Errors or Fraud
  • Ease business Sales
  • Business analysis to Prepare future plan
  • Helps in UAE’s VAT & Taxation process.