Tax Amendment & Reconsideration

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In the event of a change in the business details submitted while applying for VAT registration, it is the responsibility of the Taxpayer to notify the changes to the FTA and amend the registration details. If the changes are not notified and amended, a penalty could be levied.

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Provision for notifying about VAT amendment?

Any person obliged/eligible to register for the Tax must do so, as stipulated by the law. Registrants must include their Tax Registration Number (TRN), in all correspondence and transactions with the customers and FTA. They must also inform the authority – by filling a form – of any circumstance that might require the amendment of information related to their Tax record within 20 working days.

Accutax will review your audit documents and determine if audit reconsideration is the right decision for you. If it is, we will represent you in the audit reconsideration process and do our best to secure a favorable outcome.